Spider Solitaire 4 Suit is a popular card game that can be played with two or four suits. In this article, we will be discussing how to play 4 Suit Spider Solitaire.

The Game Setup

How to Play 4 Suit Spider Solitaire

To play four-suit Spider Solitaire, the rules are similar to those of two-suit Spider Solitaire.

  1. If one of the 10 columns in the tableau has no cards, you can move any individual card there, or a group of sequenced cards if they are of the same suit in descending order. By clicking on the stock pile, it will place 10 new cards in play. Each column will then receive another card face-up at the bottom of it. This may block your ability to move sequence cards if the newly placed card is not part of that sequence.
  2. When you have sequenced cards of the same suit from King to Ace, they will be moved to the foundation pile. Once you have completed four sequences from King to Ace for each suit, you win the game! If you move through the stack cards and run out of moves on the tableau, the game is lost.
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